Has Facebook superceded the blog

I thought so until I bumped into Lawrie Mitchell at the airport today and then I discovered that he does not have facebook but was keen to see any updates to the blog.  Dreadful that I have not posted here since march.

Any posts I have made have been on my Orkney Aviation page on facebook so Lawrie this is specially for you.

Not much unusual activity over the last while and I have been collating old pictures, however, a few unusual ones last week starting with Tornado 063 which did a fly past.


And a better shot


At the tail end of the week we had a visit from a group of light aircraft starting with this PA28R.  Apologies for the shots as they were shot at long distance.


Followed by a first for me, an Akrotech 10B


Next was a Beagle


And an AA5-B commonly called a Tiger


And finally just as I was finishing on friday, the star of the week arrived from Stockholm.  I wish I had more time to photograph this CL60 but was happy with the ones I took.



Not done this for a while but will try and keep both up.  For those that have Facebook, Type Orkney Aviation in the search bar and you will find me.  Feel free to upload your pics.

As always, thanks for reading

All the best

Neil ;)

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Is it really March already

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything in a couple of months.  It seems to have been so busy yet I seem to have very few photos to share.

The first thing you will notice when you visit the airport is that the Islanders are no longer in Highland Park Livery but they are now on facebook, just search for peedie black plane.





We have had a mixed bag of delays over the winter and at one point we had 5 Saabs on the apron at one point which is unusual.


WE did have a visitor from Tayside Aviation in the fairer weather in the shape of this pretty little Grob.



And the 200th S92 ever built


This winter has seen some unusual weather with spectacular shows of the Aurora Borealis and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Here is the sunrise from a couple of weeks ago.  Glad I always have my camera.


The Aurora is a bit harder to capture but I was in the right place at the right time, very hard to take and this was my first attempt.


This was taken using a tripod but it was so windy that it is still shaky.  Hopefully I will be more prepared next time.  Hunt for Orkney Sky on facebook to see some stunners.

WE had a vist from the P2’s from St Andrews primary school a couple of weeks ago.  Children certainly liven the place up and we had one of the busiest Q&A sessions we have ever had.



Thanks to all staff for their help.

We had a visit on thursday from G-LGNO.  The first Loganair/Flybe Saab 2000 to visit which will be taking over some of the schedules from the smaller Saab 340.  It is certainly much bigger with a capacity of 50 passengers.  I am looking forward to eventually getting a flight in one of these.  


And the inside


That’s it for now, hopefully much more to come.  As always thanks for taking the time to read, I appreciate it

All the best

Neil ;)

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It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas


I thought as christmas was edging ever closer, it was time for a post before the year is out and 2014 is upon us.   We have had some terrible weather lately with lots of wind and heavy rain.  Being Kirkwall, the pilots are used to it and try their hardest to keep things as normal as possible.

On one of the worst days of rain and wind, we had a visit from VP-CRR, a Challenger 604 which had a spectacular landing in the wet.  The photo is terrible but it gives you an idea of the conditions on the day.


And a much better one when it was parking at the terminal.


We had a short visit from XZ586 which was in for a refuel.  It has been a while since I have seen one of these at Kirkwall.


We have also had the first of our snow, interspersed with high gusts which made some interesting spotting for the public but these guys (and ladies ) do an amazing job.  Nothing would happen without the hard work of the Airport Fire Service and MT team who keep the runways open.


Last week we had a charter in from Southend, I think this aircraft was from Jota Aviation but registered to Aerodynamics in the Isle of Man.  Obviously a King Air 200.


And finally we have an extra mail plane this month over and above the Ben Air Guys who do such an excellent job bringing our christmas stuff in despite the weather.  This Metro Liner is operated by a german company called Bin-Air with the Captain coming from Portugal and the First Officer from Sweden.  ( Time for a correction as it turns out I had it the wrong way about!  The Captain is Johan from Sweden and the First Officer is Nuno from Portugal!  Nice for Nuno to come to Kirkwall to gain a promotion.  They left today 17/12/13 as their tour of duty is complete.  Pleasure meeting you and safe journey home) Nice to see them in the terminal and becoming part of the furniture.


That’s about it for this year.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to visit this blog over the year.  I enjoy doing it but wish I had more time to do it justice.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas when it arrives and trust 2014 gives you success, health and happiness.

All the best

Neil ;)

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Girl power at KOI

Well the cold snap has arrived at Kirkwall and if you believe some of the weather reports we are in for a hard time in Orkney.  Time will tell.  It’s a while since I updated the blog and although it has been very busy, I have very little to show for it.

We have had many spectacular sunsets but at the airport we get spectacular sunrises! The first bit of news is related to the post title.  We have a new pilot at Kirkwall on the inter island service, namely Rebecca Simpson who is/was a Saab pilot and has been training over the last 7 weeks,

Rather than me attempting to write the story, here is a link to the Herald giving all the details.  As well as making history for being the first female Captain flying Islanders on the inter-island service, Rebecca is also the first female Loganair pilot to fly the worlds shortest scheduled service between Westray and Papa Westray.


I was kindly given photos by Rebecca taken by and copyright owned by her brother, Jamie Simpson.  My photographs can be used with permission, however, these photos cannot be used without the express permission of Jamie or Rebecca.

Rebecca 003 -JS Rebecca 005 -JS Rebecca 008 -JS

We also had an unusual visitor prior to Children in need day.  Pudsey visited us at the airport and flew on a number of days last week to the north isles visiting different schools,  Here he is with Loganair Supervisor, Michael Bain and Radio Orkney’s Robbie Fraser.


This morning ended up with a pleasant surprise.  A norwegian crew changeover meant we had both Bergen Air Transport’s King Airs on the apron and in the terminal were Garth, Haavard, Magnus and Trine.

With a little help from Garth, I managed to identify a couple of strange aircraft in photos which I need to scan, so many thanks for your help Garth.

The sun came out just for these pictures;

IMGP0447 IMGP0449

I look forward to seeing you again on wednesday, weather permitting.

As much as I enjoy keeping this blog, it has limitations, in that, it is not easy for others to share their images.  Bearing that in mind I have taken to facebook to allow others to share their images connected with aviation in Orkney.  Find it at https://www.facebook.com/orkneyaviation or type orkney aviation into the search bar.  Please feel free to like or join in.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read, much appreciated

Till next time

All the best

Neil ;)

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Leuchars 2013 day 2

Day 2 saw a very wet morning and very hazy light.  I even had to buy a coat as the weather was less than pleasant.

No blurb this time but hopefully some higher quality photos.

As always thank you for reading





Till next time

Neil ;)

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Farewell Leuchars, it has been a privilege

Well that’s my September treat past and sadly there will be no more airshows at this historic airfield. Air Officer Scotland, Air Commodore Gerry Mayhew, who is the Leuchars Station Commander, took the time to come and meet us to tell us personally what the future would (or would not) hold for the airshow.  He also confirmed that although 1 and 6 Squadron were moving to Lossie, the air show would not be as the local infrastructure and the A9 could not handle the influx of visitors.

It was genuinely appreciated by us all that he took the time to come and see us and, in my opinion, he is a real gentleman.  Nothing was too much trouble and he fielded awkward questions well and without hesitation.

Anyway, to the show.  Friday was not blessed by photographic friendly light so some of my pictures are disappointing.  We knew what was happening as we were given a timetable of aircraft expected landing times.

The Catalina, BBMF and a few others were already on site but there were regular aircraft arrivals as you will see in my photos.  As always our RAF hosts looked after us as if we were VIP’s.

Anway enjoy some of the day 1 photos, too many highlights to mention but a number of firsts for me.  Danish F16’s, T28 Fennec and the awesome Voyager which is based on the Airbus A330 and is the largest aircraft ever in the Royal Air Force.


There are lots more which I will pop on my Flickr page but hope you like these.

As always thanks for reading and part 2 will be posted shortly.

Best wishes

Neil ;)

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The Leuchars Air Show is upon us


Less than a week to go until the start of the Leuchars Air Show, it’s amazing how time flies and I realise I have hardly taken any photographs, but the ones I have taken are in this post.

The dreich weather has meant all sorts of unexpected visitors and a record month for Kirkwall Airport with over 19000 passengers through KOI in July.

Anyway the first picture is a new aircraft in my library, I had never seen a Voyager before and it was worth the wait.




And the inside




At the same time a BE200 was diverted prior to leaving for Iceland



We rarely see the Royal Air Force at KOI anymore but we have had a couple of aircraft from other Air Forces.  First a Twin Otter from France



And a Citation from the Swiss Air Force



Finally a couple of different helicopters, a nearly new S92 and an S76





I was very sad when I heard the news regarding the recent accident in Sumburgh.  My sincere condolences go out to the families who lost a loved one.

Finally, to Leuchars, where the entries listed look like making a tremendous event.  If you have not seen the link click here www.airshow.co.uk .

There will be a number of first for me and I am looking forward to taking my usual ridiculous number of photos in the hope that one or two are special.

As always I will post them up when I return so, as always, thanks for taking the time to read.

All the best

Neil ;)

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